Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight: Essential Buying Tips

When in the market for the perfect LED flashlight for virtually any situation, one of the first ones to consider should be the Maglite XL100. At 4.8 inches long and weighing only 3.68 ounces, this small flashlight will fit easily in most people's hand but can light up an entire room with its 83 lumens. It also comes with a wide range of special features which are uncommon in many flashlights its size or even much larger. This easy to carry flashlight was designed from the ground up by the experts at the Mag Instrument Company to meet the needs of nearly anyone in any situation.
A Maglite XL100 can work like a normal flashlight with a simple on/off button click when a bright beam of light is needed. Factory testing shows that this flashlight has a run time of approximately 201 hours on one set of batteries. This is quite impressive when compared to many traditional flashlights which are not nearly as bright and also don't last as long. And in case you are concerned that the flashlight will accidentally be switched on in your bag, there is a handy "lockout mode" feature to prevent this.
In many situations the maximum brightness that a Maglite XL100 LED flashlight can achieve may be too much for the needs of the user. One unique feature that is worth pointing out about the Maglite XL100 is that there is a Nite Lite setting which will lower the power output and corresponding brightness so that a softer light is projected. This makes it easy to use for nighttime reading or when the full brightness is just not needed. This is also a great way to preserve battery life.
While these features alone make the Maglite XL100 stand out from competitors, that's not where the list ends. The flashlight can be used as a strobe light as well, which is essential for emergency situations or even just for fun. The speed at which the strobe will flash is completely changeable so it will work at the exact rate that the user wants.
In the middle of emergency situations, the flashlight can be your best friend. You can change the Maglite XL100 to "SOS" mode and it will signal for help using a light pattern according to international standards for Morse Code. This can be extremely useful if caught in a dangerous situation where signaling for help could be most critical. Whether on a stranded boat or any other situation, this is a great feature to have when needed.
Finally, a Maglite XL100 flashlight can also be adjusted from a wide 'flood' light which can light up a wide area to a targeted 'spot' light which will provide brighter lighting to a smaller area. As you can see, this LED flashlight has something for everybody and a useful mode for any situation. If you purchase a belt holster accessory, then you can even have "hands free" use of the flashlight, which you can imagine would be helpful while working under the hood of your car or under the kitchen sink. With so many features packed into such a sleek and portable body and the trusted Maglite brand name behind it, the Maglite XL100 is an easy choice for many people.

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