Gazebo Lighting For Permanent and Portable Gazebos

When shopping for gazebo lighting there are a few things to consider. The first is if you plan to use the gazebo light for a pop up gazebo or for a permanent structure. The second consideration is what purpose you want the lights to serve.
For a pop up gazebo the two most commonly used forms of lighting are an outdoor chandelier that is made for a gazebo and the second is outdoor string lights. Patio gazebos which are portable are not built to support a heavy chandelier. Some wrought iron chandeliers or larger units can weigh up to 60 pounds or more and are not intended for use in a temporary structure. So weight plays a role. Choosing a light weight chandelier with a few lights in the composition and a cord and plug is a good choice. Some outdoor chandeliers are intended to be hardwired to a frame, so this style is not suitable for a portable model.
Another form of lights which is popular with portable gazebos is outdoor string lights. If you have ever run Christmas lights around a tree, then you would have a good idea of how string lights are designed and how they look. String lights have small bulbs that provide diffused light instead of direct light. They are intended to accent instead of being a focal point. Small plastic ties can be used to affix the string to the frame work of the outdoor yard gazebo.
For permanent gazebos a few more exterior lighting possibilities exist. Permanent structures can have wiring installed in them. Outlets with outdoor weather covers can also be used. With this being the case an outdoor chandelier can be hardwired to the structure. Also a flush mount ceiling fixture could also be used if a chandelier was not desired. Wall mount sconces and railing lights can also be added to provide more light in the structure. Being that a gazebo is probably not where most people would want to work and instead relax, excessive direct light probably is not desired. But some may want to sit and read or work crossword puzzles, so it is not a bad idea to have the lighting options such that someone can turn on a few and have enough light to do those things.
Just as with a pop up gazebo someone might also desire to have the outside profile of the gazebo illuminated with small outdoor string lights. These lights can be either wound around the pillars and railing of the gazebo or they can be attached carefully with small brackets and screws. Care must be paid that none the wire or wire insulation is nicked or damaged.
So whatever style of gazebo you plan to use in a yard there are gazebo lighting for each. Choosing from outdoor gazebo chandeliers, string lights, and wall mounted fixtures are just a few ways to make the outdoors shine just a little bit more.

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