How to Choose the Right Chandelier Size

Picking the right chandelier size is extremely important to the flow of your room and overall design scheme. If your chandelier is too large, it can easily overpower the room and takeaway from other design features in the space. However, if it is too small, the chandelier's true beauty will not come across and it will look like an oddity in your room.
Choosing the right size chandelier for your room is not difficult; all you need is measuring tape and this guide.
Firstly, measure how high your ceiling is. Measure the floor of the room to the ceiling. Remember that very tall ceilings, such as cathedral ceilings, are equipped to handle larger fixtures. It is important to remember that you want the intricacies of the chandelier to show when they are high above you, so a larger chandelier would be appropriate.
Secondly, if this chandelier is going to be above a table or island, such as in the kitchen or dining room, think about what the size and shape of the furniture below. For example, if the dining room table sits 4-6 people and the table width is 40"-48" then the chandelier width should be between 20"-24". If the table sits 6-8 people with a table width from 50"-58" then the chandelier width should be between 25"-29". If the table sits 8-10 people, the table width should be 60"-72" and the chandelier width should be 30"-36".
Also, do not just fixate on the size of the table but also the size of the room itself. Very simply, larger rooms have enough space to accommodate larger fixtures.
An important consideration to keep in mind when hanging any fixture; whether it is a semi-flush mount, flush mount, or chandelier is that the bottom of the fixture should always be at least 7' from the floor. Remember that these fixtures must serve a function and should not impede the walkway for guests; guests should not have to duck underneath your fixture to pass underneath.
If the chandelier is for your dining room, certain special considerations should be taken into account. When sizing a chandelier for your dining room, refer to the chart above to determine the diameter of your fixture. If you are furnishing your dining room with a chandelier without referring to the dining room table, measure the length and width of the room and add those figures together. The sum, converted to inches, will equal the diameter of the correct-sized chandelier.
How high should the chandelier hang above the dining room table? In most cases, the bottom of your chandelier should sit approximately 30"-32" above the table top for an 8' ceiling. For taller ceilings, go up 3" for each additional foot of ceiling.

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