Career Spotlight - Court Reporter

Most of the people when think of working in legal field generally think of becoming a judge or a lawyer. For all those people who are looking to establish themselves in legal field must not overlook other job opportunities. One of the careers which are often overlooked by aspirants is Court reporter.
The work of the court reporter consists of creating transcripts for legal proceedings, conversations, meetings and various other situations that need a documented account to serve as a legal verification. His main work is to maintain accurate and complete record of testimony so that it can be used as legal binding record. The court reporters may have to work at trials, depositions, assist attorneys and judges when looking for information and give translation services for deaf people.
Kinds of Court Reporting
Stenography: A stenography machine is used by a court reporter to record testimony verbatim and speeches. The court reporter will press number of keys at one time to record combinations or letters that represents words, phrase and sounds. The symbols are electronically recorded and are translated after completion of a legal session.
Voice writing: The court reporter has to speak in a microphone with a mask. The mask makes sure that no unwanted sounds interfere at the time of recording. Voice writer records whatever is said by the attorneys, judges and witnesses. They also record reactions and gestures.
Duties of a court reporter:
Using shorthand to take down the full verbatim account of witness testimony, verbal proof and the message may be read back when requested in the court room. Making notes after a court room session. Checking accuracy of the notes prepared. Correction of grammar and spellings, add missing words, vocabulary, and creating the final transcript after edition. Sending the transcribed copy document for approval to the judge before making a final transcript.
In order to become a court reporter you need to have excellent keyboard skills. You should be able to type more than 200 words a minute you must possess experience in machine and written shorthand. You must also possess great grammar and spelling skills.
There are several educational institutions that offer degrees on court reporting. Basically, it takes around a year to complete the course of a voice writer but electronic reporters gain their skills in their job training. To become a steno-typist, it takes around 33 months.
Some of the personal skills that are required in court reporting careers are:

Working accurately and rapidly
Excellent communication and listening skills
Patience and confidence
Clear voice
Great concentration skills
Being able to meet stiff deadlines

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