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Flying Toys Drones for Kids, Mini Drones Hand Controlled Flying Ball Drone

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UFO induction UAV
This is a ufo numanned aerial vehicle without remote sensing, it has flexible mesh barrier, made by ABS material,which is environmental-friendly and resistant to crash.

Easy to Fly
Start the aircraft, throw to make it fly, no need for remote operation, simple and convenient, flip stop fligh.

All-round infrared induction & automatic avoidance function
Infrared induction device is at the bottom and around it, and it has the function of zutomatic avoidance, when encountering and obstacle at the bottom, it will rise automatically

2 Speeds Rechargeable Drone
This a flying saucer has 2 speeds with different lights, you can click on its power button to switch into high speed mode

How to Play?
1. Press the black ON/OFF switch button at bottom for two seconds until the top light flashing. Then press switch to select light in green(normal speed) or blue(faster speed).

2. Throw it upward gently and release your hand, the mini quadcopter will take off automatically. Control the direction just by closing your hand to the aircraft. Control the height just by approaching the bottom of the aircraft with your hand.

3.Grab and flip it over to stop flying. The battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land automatically.

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