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Deck Lights

Micro USB base
Original and creative piece of art Calming light
Changeable top pieces Acrylics never get hot – safe to touch
Acrylic top pieces Light passes through acrylic glass Glowing LEDs
Highly detailed fine lines create illusions
Appear to be 3D designs Intricately designed lamps
Power: 1.5W
Optical material:acrylic
Charge specifications:5V 1A
Color; 7 Colors
Size: 220x170mm
Operating Method
1 Insert the acrylic plate in the base,and connect the power sourse(USB cable)
2 Press Button to toggle between different color .Red-green-Blue-Yellow-Cyan-Purple -White-all color flashing in turn.
Remark:Please don't put your finger on the touch button too long to avoid touch sensor become not that sensitive.
1 x Acrylic plate
1 x Base
1 x 5V Usb cable
_MG_0016 _MG_0018 WN709-5 WN709-6 WN709-7 WN709-8

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