Easy Landscape Lighting for Beginners

These days, lighting up your garden has gotten a lot easier with the advent of the new solar lighting methods. Even those of us who are beginners in the landscape lighting arena can install it in a very short time.
A breeze to set up and to install, you will find that in just about a half hour you can bring a soft glow to your yard or garden, or offer your family security lighting. All of this and be accomplished without the need to run wires or make connections. That means that it's not a time consuming or arduous task to get the effect you want from your landscape lighting.
For beginners, or those of us who aren't electricians and don't know a great deal about landscape lighting, we can still get the appeal of that subtle lighting that we love. Designing the lighting for your garden or yard has never been as simple and easy or as much fun as it can be today.
Before you begin, take stock of the areas of your yard that could use some additional lighting. Perhaps under stairways, lighting them gently from the underside, to assure the means to see the steps and ascend them in safety.
Find the areas that could benefit from landscape lighting and assess the best methods of lighting them. Assess any areas of your yard or garden that you particularly like. Find any type of element or inclusion, such as a fountain, statue, or natural elements that you think would make a good focal point for your garden.
In addition, find the areas that are particularly dark and could cause security problems, offering places for an intruder into your yard to find cover. Those areas too could benefit from some lighting. Contrary to most people's understanding of security lighting, most yard areas will be more secure with a softer, more understated lighting such as a solar type lighting. The reason for this is that very bright security lights tend to cast even more shadows offering better places and better means of concealment.
Lighting up your yard or garden should offer visual appeal, safety, and include artistic elements. Landscape lighting will actually give your home more curb appeal if done correctly. Consider the style of your home, the overall design of the yard or garden, and any elements that are part of it that you might like to stand out just a little more.
Some landscape lighting ideas for beginners that are easy to accomplish are:
Installation of solar lighting along a walk way. This can be helpful to find your way in the darkness, as well as to offer a subtle glow and highlight a flower garden or border along the walkway as well.
Subtly lit outdoor furniture-these are new items in outdoor furniture that are actually lit from inside themselves. They offer softer lighting at the base of an outdoor table or beneath a chair.
A single solar spotlight that is installed directionally. It may point to a tree, a fountain, or a particular statue or garden element that you love and would like to make an accent area in your yard. This is actually very effective in the cooler months, where highlighting a bare tree or even a bird feeder hanging from it is a point of interest.
Make a seating area at some aspect of your yard. Below an awning, in a gazebo, or even under a tree. A single bench and some soft lighting makes a lovely spot to sit and visit in the late evening.
Take a look around at your yard and find the best areas to install the lighting. Your lighting can be unobtrusive, but also offer security and visual appeal at the same time.

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