120V LED Light Strips: Long run strips for indoors and out!

With the continuous improvement of LED strip lighting, the popularity of linear lighting applications is increasing. LED flexible strip has become the standard to add indirect lighting in the home. These low-voltage 12V strips are often used in cabinet lighting, backlighting and shelf lighting... One big drawback is that they are not long, and the longest single run option is only 16.4 feet (5 meters). Standard density strips can be connected up to 32 feet long, but are still too short for applications like crown and bay lighting, outdoor deck lighting, or anything requiring long strings of lights. Luckily, there's an ac powered LED strip with a heavier mission design that I can fit in any element without a problem, and it can grow to 150 feet in length!

AC article LED lights
As the name suggests, these LED strips have a dc voltage of 120VAC. They actually come with a power cord that has a small unit built in that switches the power to an LED dc power supply. This makes them simpler than low-voltage strips because you don't have to buy power with the strip. Everything is included in this strip and you only need to place a good socket near your installation. These 120V LED strips are very efficient, only 2.3 watts per foot. This is almost the same as a standard density flexible strip, which produces only half the lumens of an LED strip.

Light output
AC5050 LED strip this strip contains 5050 SMD LED, the same size as standard and high density 12V LED strip. It can hold 20 leds per foot, which is our highest density LED flexible strip. Higher LED density improves overall light quality, thus providing a good strip for tasks and key lighting. The 120-degree throw of an LED helps achieve this, and it can actually spread light without looking unstable. The leds are connected in parallel within the strip, so that when one LED goes out, the whole string is not cut off. The 5050 LED does work because the strip outputs about 180 lumens per foot of cold white and 145 lumens per foot of warm white! This allows our brightest strip lights to be used for accent lighting as well as for any task lighting that requires linear lighting. Along with the Cool (5000K) and Warm (2700K) white AC LED strips, the light-colored high output LED strips that are dimmable are a good thing. You probably won't need all these lights all the time, so you can dim these strips with most standard incandescent dimmers. This is correct. These strips do not require special dimmers, only regular household dimmers on the ac side of the power supply. Obviously, you need to connect the dimmer to a socket that plugs into the strip, but this is the only option required to dim the LED strip. The only thing you need to be careful about is making sure that the dimmer has no minimum load. If so, make sure that the dimmer has enough wattage for smooth control.

Professional, heavy duty design
The AC 5050 can still be used as a flexible strip, but is heavier than a standard flexible strip with a sticky backing. The LED remains in a 9/16 "(W) x 1/4" (H) flexible rubber housing. The case is covered with PVC lenses that also block ultraviolet light. Heavy duty design and PVC mulch make waterproof LED lights ideal for outdoor use. At the end of this post, there will be some real applications for how to use strips in some great outdoor Settings to add good linear landscape lighting.

Insert the LED lamp
LED lights with a power cord plug - in make these lights very easy to set up. Typically, you have to find a power supply of sufficient length and then worry about how to connect it to the power supply. Using these strips of connected power cord lets you plug and play. If you need a gap in the strip, you can use a jumper to take the strip from the strip to the strip. This is useful for areas where you need to go around tight corners, where there is a 6-inch jumper. Longer jumpers are suitable for larger gaps in your application and you may need to cross the next section of the light. The longer jumpers are 3,6 and 10 feet long.

Super long LED strip!
The most interesting part of these bands is the long range. When using 12V LED strips, due to voltage drop, parallel strips and wiring must be run, so longer lengths can be troublesome. The strip can span up to 150 feet in one run! This is more than 5 times the flexible strip of low-voltage led. Each half meter (19.685 in.) of LED strip cutting marks can be cut into strips, so you can cut the strips into strips that are relatively close to the application size, whatever it may be. If you need to cut along the band of marked diamonds. Longer lengths do come in handy because many indirect lighting applications, such as bay lighting, deck lighting, etc., require long strips. AC 5050 LED strip, no need to buy multiple strips, power supply, connectors, etc. These strips can be installed at any time, even if your application has a jumper, it is also a simple strip stripping, plug-in connection. Maximum operating range is 150 feet.

LED light bar connector
There are two types of connectors that make it easier to use these LED strips. The strips are semi-flexible, but cannot wrap around 90-degree corners, making some applications difficult. Fortunately, l-shaped connectors with bars provide you with corners. We also have a t-connector for applications that need to run vertical bar lights on another strip. LED strip connectors these connectors come with all the hardware and can be easily inserted into strips. Follow the instructions on the connector product page to easily connect the strips!

Mounting strip is used for mounting clip of LED strip
While many flexible strips with sticky backing can achieve fast and simple lighting; Heavy duty AC strip without any adhesive backing. The straps come with mounting clips that give or take enough of 1 every 3 feet (a 3-foot strap is obviously more than just a clip). The clamp is transparent and has screws mounted on both sides. The LED track also has a plastic mounting track strip that can slide in for installation. This will better protect the strip, but it will also keep the strip straight without any slight bend or bump. If you use this LED strip in a strip-down application, I will use this setup track. Even if the length is long, the track will keep your steel belt smooth. If you are using track, you will need to use a strong adhesive on the back of the strip to adhere to the position you need. Any clear, dry, highly bonded epoxy resin will do the job, and when the track covers the front, the strap will fit nicely. Other installation concept: u-nail, bracket, aluminum channel.

Ac LED strip application
These strips are most useful if you have (1) extremely long lengths or (2) you have outdoor applications. The long length is very useful because you can run all the way up to 150'! No need to splice or run parallel strips, making installation easier, and the light is smoother and lighter, with no wires running in every direction.

Outdoor LED deck lighting
One of our clients did a great job with AC LED flexible strips. Run a warm white strip under the armrests of the deck to form a nice accent light around the entire deck, which leads to the hot tub. This provides the perfect indirect accent lighting for a night on the deck! Outdoor LED light strip on deck

The bay lighting
AC strips work well for bay lighting and usually require longer lengths. This also usually allows you to install the strips on top without having to worry about plastic mounting tracks or adhesives. LED strip lighting

Task lighting
This client has 120VAC in the trailer for his work. He strung two strips on either side to illuminate the trailer. This photo really proves how bright these strips are! It works for the time you need, but fortunately the strips are dimmable, so you can turn down the lights as needed. The article LED to the trailer

The handrail lighting
Stair lighting is a good way to add some key lighting, it can take into account the safety features to keep these tricky stairs illuminated at night. This spiral stair railing comes with an AC5050 LED light strip. The client used strips and some jumpers to complete the entire staircase and add a nice accent/safety light.

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