Cycle Lights - Why, What, When?

Why Use Cycle Lights?
Although having a front and rear set of cycle lights is a legal requirement for cyclists riding at night in the UK, many still head out without them. If you are one of these cyclists, you are putting yourself in extreme danger. You wouldn't drive your car at night without switching on the headlights would you? So why change the rules for a cyclist? Cycle lights go a long way in making sure you are 100 % visible to other road users at all times, and they also help and enhance your performance if you're an off road rider. The use of a light will illuminate your route ahead whether it is on a busy built up road or a quiet country lane. There are of course many areas which will be more dangerous than others, countryside routes in particular have limited lighting so this is wear cycle lights are most certainly needed.
What to Look Out For
As cycling is becoming more and more popular, the demand for high powered lights and good quality accessories rises. There are many different models and makes on the market today so when you're shopping around for cycle lights, make sure you allow enough time and don't choose the first one you see. Read online for reviews and ask friends/family what they use if they are keen cyclists. The light model you require will depend upon the hours you ride and the type of riding you undertake on a regular basis. If you cycle to work and back, you may prefer a light that has variable power modes so you have the option to dim the light in avoidance of dazzling other drivers. If you ride off road, you'll most probably desire a more powerful LED light. Make sure you check what accessories come with your light, for example a helmet mount and charger and ensure the retailer offers a warranty. With the huge variety today, you'll certainly have no trouble buying cycle lights.
When Do I Use Cycle Lights?
During the winter it is advisable to have your light attached to your bike at all times, especially if you ride it every day. During these months, the weather can be unpredictable and as well as avoiding limited light in darkness, cycle lights work wonders in rain and fog. If you ride in the morning, you may also need to use your light. If you're riding to work, the rush hour traffic can be a nightmare and even more so if you're not visible. During the summer months, you may not need to use a light at all, however it is advised to carry it with you if you plan a long ride in the evening. You never know just what might happen with the British weather! If you're riding in the dark, whether it is for 10 minutes or 5 hours, you will need a set of cycle lights to guide you and keep you safe along the way.

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