The Importance of Home Lighting

The ambiance of a house depends on its lighting system. Home lighting can be done effectively only if you pay careful attention to lighting accessories and fixtures. While choosing them, you have to primarily keep in mind the function of each room. Once you evaluate the lighting needs thoroughly you can proceed with the process of home lighting. Table lamps, ceiling and wall mounted fittings provide the basic level of illumination, which is known as General lighting. Pendant lamps, track lighting and chandeliers etc also come in this category. It is important to read the instructions enclosed with the fittings as some may need professional help for installation.
Hanging fittings are a part of home lighting and care should be taken to hang them at the optimum height. 30-36" above the table or work surface is the optimum height for hanging dining room and kitchen fixtures. If they are hung using chains, it will be advantageous for you to adjust the height after installation. Another area of concern is Task lighting, which supplements General lighting. Proper lighting is necessary for healthy reading and the pages have to be illumined well for the purpose. Floor lamps are available for the same, with swing arms and height adjustments that target the light where you need it. The advantage is that they can be moved right behind your chair so that the light falls on the pages from behind your shoulder.
Architectural or decorative features in a room can be spotlighted using Accent lighting. Fixtures that can focus light more directly are used for this and they enhance the overall mood of the room. More versatile schemes of lighting are needed for multipurpose rooms. You can control the amount of light in the room using dimmer switches. It is important to decide in advance why and where you need a particular kind of lighting.

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