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Deck Step Lighting - Made Easy With Outdoor Solar Lights-fvtled

Jun 05 2019

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Recent changes to construction code requires the illumination of deck steps. This is a challenge for contractors and homeowners that are installing a new deck.
What once was strictly a carpenter's affair now requires wiring, electrical connections prone to failure, expensive transformers perhaps even an electrician and local building permit. Wires and transformers and permits Oh My!
All exterior stairways shall be provided with a light source located near the top landing of the stairway. IRC 303.6
For the contractor the issues include a longer project timeline. Worse they now run the risk of increased "call backs". Wired lights are prone to failure when electrical connections corrode. Low voltage systems are also notorious for transformer failures. Worried about not receiving that last payment from the homeowner, the contractor now has to worry about product failure. Product failure was never a concern for the deck contractor when the project used to be comprised of just wood and fasteners - no more.
For the homeowner, wired deck lights add to the cost of a deck installation (whether they know it or whether the cost is hidden in the total project cost). The wired lighting systems have multiple failure points i.e. connections, bulbs and transformers. Many systems also require a manual process to "switch on" / "switch off". Ever forget to turn lights off in a room? Trust me, you will forget to turn your deck lights on too.
The easy solution for both contractors and homeowners is Solar Deck Lights - here's why.
Easy Installation
Some of the solar lights can be installed by simply drilling a hole with a spade drill and inserting the light. That's it done. The solar light is fully contained and encapsulated. Nothing to wire - no wires!
No Wires
The inherent design of solar lights makes them fully independent. The best lights are fully encapsulated and waterproof (look for IP67 or better). Not only does the lack of wires improve installation but you've also eliminated a major failure point.
Auto ON Auto Off
Solar lights store energy during the day and light up at night. Their internal circuitry constantly monitors the amount of lumens or sunlight that hits the solar cell on top of the light. When the sun goes down the light goes on. There it is! You never have to remember to turn "those deck lights" on or get up late at night to turn them off.
Long Life
Solar lights utilize LED lights which last well over 25,000 years. In fact they last so long that deck light manufactures make no provisions to allow the consumer to change them. If they essentially never burn out why take unnecessary design steps to allow for their replacement - or so the thinking goes.
Beautiful Ambient Light
The best part! Sit back and enjoy the glow.

led lights,solar lights,led strip lights,Deck Lights,WIFI Deck Lights,WIFI LED Strip

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