LED Landscape Lighting: The Complete Buying Guide

You can use LED landscape lights for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are the lighting of roads, stairs, and areas of particular interest. This type of lighting also provides an important security aspect because they illuminate areas that are blocked in the dark, removing a simple access point for potential thieves and burglars.

Why not enjoy your garden at night, or improve your property security? The following is the complete LED landscape Lighting purchase guide provided by Superior Lighting team.

Why did you choose LED landscape lighting in the first place?

You may be asking yourself why you choose LED landscape lighting over more "conventional" lighting like incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

That's an easy question to answer! First, LED lights use less electricity than other types of lights. Second, they are safer. The bulb aspect of incandescent lamps has traditionally been made of glass, which is dangerous, especially in readily accessible external areas.

You can even add solar panel attachments to your LED landscape lights so you can get power from the sun during the day, and then use that energy during dark hours to create light.

LED landscape lighting options meet all your needs

LED PAR38 outdoor floodlight

For floodlight, we recommend LED PAR28 from Ushio. For high output outdoor LED omni lights (which can also be used indoors), there is actually no better quality bulb.

The lamp is suitable for a variety of commercial applications, but can also be safely used in external areas to provide excellent flood lighting levels. Fully dimmable, LED PAR38 should give you about 25,000 hours of light before you need to replace it.

Three power ratings (17W, 18W and 23W) are available. You can also choose the color temperature, depending on the wattage you choose.

LED directional landscape light

LED directional landscape light

Overhead shots achieved by strategically placing lamps on the floor and pointing them upwards can provide dramatic effects and add beauty to your home after dark. By using LED directed landscape lights, you can not only significantly improve the presence of your home or business, but also provide additional security.

There are many options:

LED landscape floodlights
The LED lamp
LED wide flood light
LED parking lamp

All of these have their own unique functions and USES - if you want to know which type of LED directional landscape light is best for you, please contact us.

PAR20 LED bulb

For more subtle landscape lighting areas, we recommend the use of LED PAR20 bulbs. These are ideal alternatives to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and are extremely cost-effective - a mere 8W of LED power is equivalent to the power of a 50W "conventional" bulb.

The bulb comes in a variety of color temperatures-warm white, soft white, cold white, and sunlight-and has an excellent life rating of 25,000 hours.led lights,solar lights,led strip lights,Deck Lights,WIFI Deck Lights,WIFI LED Strip

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