Lorex Monitor: An Extra Pair of Eyes

CCTV cameras are gaining popularity with the market that has been once dominated by baby monitors and web cams. This is not surprising as home savvy homeowners can have more peace of mind when they see what is happening around the house. The only problem about these monitors is that users need to stay at home to watch. One step outside and the very purpose of 24/7 surveillance can be broken.
While everything is caught on tape, it would take a while before the users can take action whenever the cameras catch a video of burglars inside the house.
Having the wireless Home Video Lorex Monitor would then serve as a big advantage.
The Live Connect to the Internet is probably one of the most amazing breakthroughs in the video monitor industry with the users' ability to watch their homes even when they're outside the premises. An android phone or tablet can be used to take a glimpse of the area where the cameras are placed.
System Setup
The Home Lorex monitor doesn't even entail the knowledge of a tech junkie before it can be set up. Plugging in the camera and turning on the handheld monitor included in the box is all it takes to get the extra set of eyes working. Additional cameras may also be bought and connected to the monitor to have a better view of every nook and cranny.
This multi-camera feature of the Lorex monitor system is designed with a wireless gateway that should be connected directly to a home router. After the cameras and gateways are plugged, open a browser and double click the gateway icon. This should bring up a configuration website where users can set the time zone and key in the Skype name of the device.
Features and Uses
Skype Connectivity
What sets the Lorex Monitor apart from other home cameras and monitor is its integration with Skype. Users are allowed to set up a Skype account for the webcam. The Skype monitoring works when the users make a phone video call using their mobile phones and acquire a live webcam feed.
Automatic illumination
The Lorex monitor comes with infrared lights that are turned on automatically when it gets dark. Alternatively, the lights give off a full red glow when the cameras are illuminated. This is effective in lighting up subjects that are about 22 feet away.
Built in Microphones
A microphone comes with the camera. Users, however, need to set up the system far enough to avoid having feedback.
Lithium-ion batteries
What makes the Lorex Monitor extra functional is the set of batteries that keep the device up and running for five straight hours during a short power outage. The camera also comes with a Micro USB plug thus making it easier for battery charging, or it can be plugged all the way for continuous monitoring.
User reviews
The Lorex Monitor gained a lot of votes from many users with its great portability and expansion. The clear and high-quality of the videos are also highly revered by many users. One common gripe is the interference that occurs in the handheld monitor when it's taken more than 150 feet away, but the Skype video phone call solves the problem.

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