Different Types of LED Light Bulbs and Their Uses (Part 2)

After our first look at HID (High Intensity Discharge) bulb replacements, we continue our report on different types of LED light bulbs with a look at florescent lamp replacements. With these forward thinking products, we are going to show you how these bulbs can meet the requirements of these increasingly outdated technologies and improve upon them significantly.

OEO T8 AC connection

Fluorescent bulbs have many USES, but it's important to note the subtle differences between these and CFL (compact fluorescent lamps). They are gas-discharge bulbs that produce light when an electric current passes through them. However, CFLS are used to replace incandescent lamps, so they differ in size and shape.

Although they typically have a higher lumen efficiency than incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs still cannot compete with leds in terms of energy efficiency and cost efficiency. Our LED T8 ac connected bulb has achieved a 50% increase in energy efficiency over its lifetime. With a service life of 50,000 hours, they will save you on replacement costs and monthly fees.

However, there are other improvements to LED fluorescent alternatives that have had a profound positive effect. They include:

Lack of harmful substances: fluorescent lamps are dangerous because they must allow electricity to flow through the gas. The pipes are usually filled with poisonous mercury gas. This is usually not a problem until damage and failure occur. Then raise the issue of safety.
Lack of flicker: fluorescent bulbs flicker easily. This usually occurs at the end of the product's life when the product wears out, the gas dissipates, and the current cannot easily pass through. When this happens, the bulb flashes at the wrong time. Again, this can lead to significant security issues, but it can also have a negative impact on productivity.
Reduce lumen depreciation: LED bulbs do not suffer from lumen depreciation the way fluorescent and incandescent bulbs do. This means providing the right amount of light for industrial use.
Less likely to burn: at the end of their life, fluorescent bulbs are more likely to explode than other bulbs. Depending on the use, this can be very dangerous (school, food refrigeration, etc.).

Another problem with fluorescent lamps is that they need ballasts. This helps start the bulb by slowing the current to the right level. Without them, light bulbs might consume too much electricity. The T8 AC connection requires minimal wiring to install ballast bypass. This saves you installation time and money, as well as all the above advantages. These LED fluorescent alternatives, which are 4 and 8 feet in length, are also very versatile.

OEO EZ LED T8 and OEO EZ LED t5-ho

The essential difference between T8, T12 and T5 is the width of the bulb. You may need different widths for different purposes, but it affects the amount of light emitted. What you don't get is a difference in quality.

These bulbs also have a life span of 50,000 and a mass of up to 5,000 K, making them ideal for many industrial USES. But, unlike AC Connect, these bulbs are direct substitutes. This means that you get all the other benefits, but you have an absolute minimum in terms of installation (such as changing light bulbs) and up to 65% energy efficiency. They are the perfect choice for any business with fixtures to handle them. Either way, if you need plug and play or ballast bypass, LED alternatives will be better for your business.

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