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Here's a bright idea; LED track lighting!
Track lighting has steadily grown in popularity over the years. It was first introduced by Lightolier in the 1960s, the same decade as LED technology no less, and, today, is one of the leading alternatives to traditional lighting fixtures, not just in museums, galleries and shops, but homes as well.
So what is track lighting and why has it become so popular?
In a normal lighting set up, electrical wire is routed to individual light positions. With tracks, several fixtures are attached to a continuous length of track.
Tracks can be mounted directly to ceilings and walls, or suspended from rods, making them a viable option where no recessing is possible. The track itself is available in a wide variety of decorative finishes, including nickel, chrome and white. They aren't just straight either; tracks can be bent to fit the shape of the room they are being used to light.
Traditionally, track lights are operated from a single switch, but many modern systems are available with digital control interfaces, such as DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface), allowing each fitting to be controlled independently.
There are clear practical and aesthetic advantages to using track lighting over traditional lighting fixtures. Adjustable spots make it easy to reposition and direct the light where it is needed most. This makes it perfect for the kitchen or a home office, which, as well as general illumination, benefit from functional task lighting in work areas.
If you have a lot of artwork in your living room and hallway, tracks can be used to highlight these as well. LED Lights don't emit any harmful UV or IR radiation, so you won't need to worry about them causing damage to your precious pieces, and achieve much better colour rendition.
Tracks can also be used for general lighting. Simply choose a pendant fixture instead and fit these with either B22 or E27 LED bulbs. For even greater flexibility, choose a dimmable version. Just make sure your dimmer switches are LED-compatible!
Regardless of which configuration you choose, always make sure you are using low voltage LED light bulbs. They are interchangeable with halogen light bulbs and use a fraction of the energy; great news for shops and galleries looking to cut their overheads. If you're looking for something a little different, why not try some colour changing LED bulbs. These make a great addition to a games room or home bar.
So, if you have track lighting or plan on installing it in the near future, think LED! They save money, reduce waste and look great.

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