Set the Stage With LED Spotlights

LED Spotlights are a fantastic combination of form and function that really deliver great results when it comes to lighting your home. Traditionally spotlights are more commonly associated with commercial settings such as clubs, bars, restaurants or shops, but nowadays homeowners are beginning to opt for spotlights in order to replicate the same stylish results in their own homes.
"LEDs are particularly advantageous because of their generous energy savings and astonishing 30,000 hour lifespan, so switching now will tide you over through the upcoming winter and many years to come."
It doesn't take an interior designer to tell you why spotlights are great for the home. Their main benefit is that they help complement modern interiors with a stylish streamlined appearance. Because of their compact design, spotlights are a lot less intrusive than traditional household bulbs that tend to dominate the ceiling space and overall appearance of a room. They are far more discrete and can even be recessed to maximize the concealment of the bulb.
In addition to this spotlights are a lot more versatile and open up a number of opportunities when it comes to designing the lighting system for your house. They can be recessed in ceilings, walls, floors or furniture, or you can choose to mount them in a host of different ways. A fixture with rotational fittings means that you can realign your spotlights and change the appearance of a room every day.
The directional light produce by this type of lighting gives you an opportunity to experiment with the way you use light in your home. Instead of opting for general illumination from a single bulb you can be more meticulous about where you choose to put your light. Spotlights can be used to accent particular features of a room, whether they be paintings, columns, alcoves or worktops. A choice of different beam angles are available, ranging anywhere from 60 degrees to 120 degrees. These give even more options when deciding what type of LED Spotlights you want to use. Spotlights with narrower beam angles create a more concentrated pool of light, perfect for highlighting specific features of a room. Spotlights with larger beam angles distribute light over a wider area and can be used for more conventional purposes.
If you feel that a room is too claustrophobic you can turn your LED Spotlights towards the walls and create an effect that 'pushes out' the walls. This can make a room appear larger without actually being so. LED Spotlights are available in both warm white and cool white light. Warm white is the archetypal light temperature for homes and creates a comfortable atmosphere. Cool white is much more intense and is more effective at creating concentrated lighting effects or enhancing the appearance of colours. To really open up the lighting opportunities in your home you might consider using both colour temperatures in combination.
With the winter weather approaching keeping our houses warm is going to be more expensive than ever. Offset this expense by adopting LED Spotlights into your home today.

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