LED Shop Light Fixture That Will Lower Your Energy Costs

In running a business, it is always important to find new ways to reduce costs without reducing the quality of products and services. You can install energy-saving LED lighting solutions in your workshop, manufacturing plant or warehouse in a simple way.

Advantages of LED lighting fixtures
U.S. government research shows that in some cases, LED lights can use up to 75% less energy, which is 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. On average, these lights last at least twice as long for energy-hungry consumers and use 50% less power.

LED is an efficient light source that brings many advantages to business owners, some of which include:

· reduce maintenance costs

· better performance at cooler temperatures than incandescent lamps

· significant durability due to the absence of filament or glass casings

· improved safety for workers with mercury-free and lead-free designs

· reduce operating costs by reducing energy expenditure

In addition, compared to traditional lighting solutions, leds are able to maintain a constant on-off light cycle.

High quality LED store lights, reduce operating costs
When looking for the right LED store lights for your business, our website has two affordable, bright, top-of-the-line LED store lights that you should consider:

· LED open garage workshop lamps

· LED linear high bay lighting fixtures

Both lighting solutions are very energy efficient and easy to install, offering chain-mounted or ceiling mounted options.

LED open garage workshop lamps
This LED Shop Light is ideal for use in workshops, utility rooms and closets. These leds can replace up to four fluorescent lamps. The LED open-strip garage lamps come with many advantages for businesses, including:

· high-performance LED tube, sustainable for 35,000 hours

· no bulb or ballast replacement is required

UL list,

· energy star rating

It is ideal for medium to high illumination levels.

LED linear high bay lighting fixtures
The LED linear high bay lighting accessories are ideal for replacing traditional fluorescent lighting in large Spaces such as warehouses. For commercial Spaces, these lights offer many benefits in addition to the aforementioned LED lighting benefits. These include:

· save up to 80% on your next electricity bill

· excellent coverage from 15 feet to 50 feet high ceilings compared to traditional options

· easy to install options, including v-shaped hooks and chains and optional pendants

· five-year limited system warranty standard

· unparalleled visibility

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