Traveling With A Large Stun Flashlight

One day my brother called me and told me that he was bidding on a truck on eBay. He asked me to check it out and see what I thought. I told him it looked really good but how were we going to get it from Las Vegas to Indianapolis.
He went on to tell me that he was hoping that I could fly out with him and then we could stop and see our Dad in Kansas on the way back. I liked the idea so we got our plans worked out just in case he won the auction.
About a week later he called me and told me that he won the auction on the truck he had bid on. I think we were both excited and unsure of what we would find when we got to Las Vegas to get the truck. I started packing my suitcase and deciding what to take.
I knew the first thing was my cell phone and car charger. I didn't figure I'd need a swimsuit so I didn't pack one. As I was packing my stuff I thought I would need I came across my large stun flashlight. Its one of the brightest flashlights that I have plus it came with a red cone so I could use it for emergency traffic control. If we really got in an emergency we could use the stun feature or the siren that is built into it. Since it was really bright we could mainly use it to see the truck better if it was dark when we went to look at it.. We got ready and caught our flight to Vegas the next day.
When we got to the Vegas airport we were not happy to find out that the owner or the truck wasn't there. After some phone calls he did finally show up with the truck. It was beautiful, just like the pictures on eBay showed. I got out my defense flashlight and looked under the truck to see that it was clean and rust free.
My Brother took care of the paper work and we shortly got under way towards Kansas. We took turns driving as it quickly got dark about 6pm. After about 7pm the truck overheated so we pulled off the road to see what was going on.
We studied it for a few minutes and found that the thermostat had stuck. Someone had seen the red cone on the flashlight so they stopped to help. They had a small wrench set so we could take out the thermostat and just drive without it. After we got it out the guy that had stopped to help went on his way. We started driving but the engine started getting hot again.
This time it was just low on antifreeze. We sat there wondering what we were going to do since we were so far out in the dessert.
After we had both dozed off somebody pulled up behind us and asked if they could help.
We said we needed some water or antifreeze for the truck. The two guys said they would get some water so they left to get some. About an hour later they returned with the water. We just had enough to fill it and so we thanked them.
One of the guys said "you didn't pay for the water". My Brother asked if a ten dollar bill would cover it and he said no, were taking your truck. My brother went into the "I don't think so mood" and I said "here's what you need" so I got the 200,000 volts large stun flashlight and zapped him for about 5 seconds, then my brother decked the other guy so I jumped in and zapped him while he was down with the stun gun.
After getting control of this situation we called the police and they arrested the two wannabe thief's. We continued the trip to Dad's and while we were there we got the truck lined out. The next day we got home and were thanking God we had the large stun flashlight with us.
It is a great flashlight and a life saving stun gun. I've used these several times and they carry quite a punch. If its held on you for only a second it feels like sticking your finger in a light socket. After that length of time it starts hurting really bad. It will also burn a hole in your clothing where ever it touches. It will also leave burn marks on your skin, so these do work, and work well. The light on the flashlight stun gun is very bright and will light up the area quite nicely. I used mine for weeks before replacing any batteries. We won't forget this adventurous trip for a long time. We ended up having a great visit with our Dad and got to tell him about the trip. We know now that traveling with a large stun flashlight is a good idea.

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