Night Lights For Every Age

Do you remember having a favorite Disney or cartoon night light to scare the monster away? Today night lights have evolved to be a decorative and useful addition for every room and every member of your family.
As kids we all had a night light or two to scare away the critter hiding in the closet or the monster under the bed and the kids of today are caring on that same tradition. Now, however, there are many more options of lights from which to choose. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and some will automatically even adjust their brightness, emit air fresheners, and play a tune or two. Kids love them and mom and dad can sleep a little better knowing the kids are less afraid of the monsters that seem to lurk in every child's room.
As adults we grew past our needs for night lights but now we are again turning to them and this time for different reasons. Again, the issue is personal safety however, the safety is not the fear of the monster under the bed, but the fear of falling or fear of tripping in the dark. The phone rings, or we need to make a trip to the bathroom and our handy night light guides our way. No longer do we need to "feel" our way through our home. These soft lights gently show us our path. It is also not Mickey or Donald smiling at us from across the room but lovely light fixtures that not only enhance our view but also our decor. They come in all finishes, metals, woods, plastic, glass and combinations thereof. Night lights are available to match the other lighting features in the home, the style of your furniture and the colors in your rooms. People feel safer just knowing their is light in their home during the darkness of night.
Lights can be added to staircases to light each step, or in closets or cupboards to assist with finding articles tucked away in corners and behind other objects. They are used in hallways to see entrance to doors, in bathrooms, in bedroom and in living rooms, dens and kitchens to guide us around the many obstacles in our homes.
Take a look around the various rooms in your home and I am sure you will find several areas where a night light would be of benefit. Check out the variety of options at your local store and you will be very glad to add a nice decorative and safe feature to your living area.

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