Invest In Scrolling Light Boxes For Attractive Advertising

Scrolling light boxes are a great advertising medium for businesses of all sizes. Illuminated signs have proved to be more attractive and eye-catching to customers and passers-by than ordinary poster displays. When you add the movement of the scrolling light box to the mix, you get something that really does catch the eye and grab attention.
There are several ways you can use a scrolling light box to good effect.
Advertising in-store products and special offers
If your business is a retail store you might have several special offers that you want to promote at the same time. Rather than having a large wall space taken up by posters all competing for attention it makes far more sense to have a scrolling display of posters in a stylish light box. Each offer then gets featured and the screen often catches people's eye for longer as they wait to see what comes up next.
Good places to use this display in a retail situation might be at a service counter where customers wait in turn to be served, near the till to remind them of goods they have forgotten to buy as they queue, near an in-store coffee shop, or generally any place where customers are likely to pause for a moment in their shopping.
Generating advertising revenue
Scrolling light boxes have become a feature of many types of waiting rooms. Perhaps there is one at your dentist, health practitioner or vet? Sometimes they are used to promote in-house services, but more often they are used for income generation by selling advertising space to other local businesses. A waiting room holds a captive audience, who is often there for considerable lengths of time. Usually customers' eyes are attracted to the display while they wait, sometimes almost hypnotised by the movement and the illumination, so this is an ideal local advertising opportunity that can earn an extra income for the business.
External scrolling light boxes
A light box outside your business can also be helpful in promoting your products. Properly situated it can catch the eye of passers-by and motivate them to enter your store. Businesses located near a bus stop or other public transport can benefit from placing one in a good position for those waiting there, who get plenty of opportunity to watch the scrolling advertisements as they wait.
Scrolling light boxes allow you to promote more products and services in a smaller amount of space, in a format that has been demonstrated to attract customers notice more easily.

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