Special Lamps for Grand Pianos

Believe it or not, there are lamps that are specially made for use on grand and baby grand pianos. These lamps provide the correct amount of light and focus the light directly on the music - where you need it the most. The shades on these lamps are long and thin - so they disperse the light along the entire length of the open music book or sheet music, making it easy to see all of the pages on the music desk (the music desk is the platform that holds the music on a piano - both grand and upright pianos have a music desk, otherwise known as a music shelf or music holder). The shades can also be adjusted to fine tune the direction of the light. Some folks like to shine the light directly down on the music, and out of there eyes, while others like to cast a little light on the keys as well as the music. You can do either or, or both with these lamps.
Some of the grand piano lamps are made so that they clip (or clamp) right onto the top of the music desk, while the shade is extended above the music shelf so that the light will shine down on the music. These are known as clamp lamps, or clip-on lamps. Within this style there are quite a few different choices, giving the consumer a variety of features to choose from. Shade length is one of these variations. Shades come in different lengths starting at 10" long, and going all the way up to 22" in length. Some of the more popular shade lengths are: 14", 19" and 22". The longer shades disperse the light the furthest, which is a good thing because even the edges of the music are illuminated.
The next variation has to do with lighting technology. You can get a "regular" incandescent lamp, which use traditional type light bulbs (not shaped like house bulbs, but the same technology, that is, incandescent bulbs). These are also lamps which use fluorescent lighting technology, giving off a warmer whiter light. And then there are LED lamps, which are the most energy efficient and longest lasting lamps on the market today. These lamps do not use light bulbs, but rather an LED lighting strip, which will last for many many years. Many of them last from 20,000 to 100,000 hours, which means that even if you use your piano lamp for 8 hours per day, every day, you could get a few decades of use out of one of these lamps.
Another lamp style for grand pianos are the Counter Balance Lamps, otherwise known as Balance Arm Lamps. These lamps do not clip onto the music desk, instead they sit on the side of the flat part of the music desk (where you normally would put a metronome or piano books), and they have a long arm with an attached shade that reaches over to the top of the music book, positioning the shade directly over the music so that the light is focused where you need it.

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